The hardest things to say

How can you say I’m sorry, 

In an easy way.

How can you say I care,

When deep inside, nobody dare.

Imagine a life without words

Words without emotions

Emotions without actions

And actions never intended to.

There are a lot of things we need to say

Even though its hard

Even though its unnecessary

Even though it’ll hurt.

Sometimes it takes courage to say, 

The things you need.

And confidence to prove,

The emotions you mean.

Some will criticize

Some will argue

Others will wink

But the best of those will understand.

Life is about saying the hardest things

Like sorry and you don’t mean it.

It’s hard but it will prove somehow,

That once in your life, you stand for what is right.

To say what is in your heart

To talk what you need to utter

To understand the situation

To let go and move on. 

Life changes

Like people do.

But humans understand,

The value of a love so true.

the hardest thing to say is usually worth saying


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