Parting Time

I was raised in a big family. 🙂

We are eight. Three boys and five girls. I have a loving mother and father. So, if we sum up the number, I grew up with 10 family members. And I am undeniably happy. 🙂

I can only remember 75%  of my childhood.

My eldest brother, as what I can remember, does not live with us when I am about 4 or 5 years old. He was the first one to leave our home but was able to always visit us because he just live a short distance away. And just like that, we were left with nine members.

I am proud to grow up watching how each of my brothers and sisters go to school, graduated, get married, have kids and enjoying Christmas and other special celebration at home.

I have witnessed my eldest sister’s journey to life. She was the first in the family to graduate college. She is a teacher. I am proud of her. She is really kind. But sadly, she was the second to leave our home. It was unexpected, though. But I know, that time, she needs to stand up for her own family. And just like that, we were left with eight members.

I was happy that for long years, we’ve stayed strong. But the sad event happened in 2004, when my father passed away. It was hard but we have to let him go. We were left with seven members.

The third member of the family to leave is my second eldest brother. He also needs to raise a family and we need  him to do that himself. We were left with six.

The next to leave is unexpected. She was the fifth sibling.  Like all those who leave, she decided to go because of her family. We were now left with five.

Next Sunday, we need to let go of another family member. Because she needs to raise her own family as well.

And now,  admit it or not, no matter how big our family is, there will always comes a time when we need to let go of each other because we need to be independent. To grow up and live with the lessons we’ve learned from my father and mother.

With this instances, I have to admit why I love the television commercial of McDonald’s, way back 2006. This is the very same commercial that will describe the change we have to accept in our family. Maybe you can also relate to this, because I really do: 

Family is what hones me. I am a family-oriented person. I love my parents and my siblings. The attachment I have with them will never changed. It is a long string of connection, bounded with love, kindness and understanding.

I grew up in a big family. And if I had the chance to choose where I want to belong, I will forever choose the family where I grew up. Because for me, my family is where my heart belongs. At the end of the day, no matter how many parting times we will experience, my family is unique. We will always go back to where we belong. Our home  🙂



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