The Power of Believing

“You can believe something really hard, and still be wrong.”

I have finished reading Keeping Faith written by Ms. Jodi Picoult, yesterday.

Well, as far as I am concern, no matter what kind of topic Ms. Picoult creates, she will still be the same kind of author that kept my breathe away. Really, Ms Jodi is exemplary when it comes to this kind of stuffs. Thumbs up for her! 🙂

Anyways, I do not find it odd why after a month of tireless activities I am into (usually involves late at night readings and reviewing), falls to the same date that I finished reading this book. I think there’s this inner persona that wants me to finished this book before my “judgment day” come (and I am talking about today’s activity).

Who would believe something happens for a reason? Well,  count me in! 🙂

Faith. Let’s talk about faith.

I am a firm believer of God. I will not lift myself here and tell you how religious I am, because honestly speaking, I am not. My family were all raised Catholics. I remember how, as a child, my mom and I, only attended Sunday mass whenever there are special occasions (birthdays, christmas, new year).

As we grew up, my parents left us the decision regarding religiousness. We’ve got to decide whether we’re going into  church every Sunday or not. See, I’m not that religious at all, but as far as I know, there are certain things that faith teaches us, and that, depends largely on what and how we believe in.

More than  anything else, I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer reaches God ahead than anything. He listens to every words we utter, the things our heart beats and the struggles our mind keeps. Prayer–it is a powerful weapon we all possess. And I believe in the power of praying the rosary.

We’ve attended an anticipated mass last night. What catches my heart during the preach was how moving the priest challenged each one of us to look for God more than look for miracles. Yeah, I believe miracle happens. But as the priest said, miracles happen, once we recognized that there is God. God above all.

Respect each others beliefs because we believe what we want to believe. As we look for God, let us remind ourselves to also give thanks to the blessings He has given us. Be grateful. Trust him. Because miracles work, the least we expect it. 🙂

believe, trust, faith


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