A Walk to the Park: Revisiting Luneta

History has been etched alongside Luneta.

Luneta or now known as Rizal Park, is located at the heart of the town’s busy workplace. This park is rich in cultural heritage that most Filipinos are proud of.

Rizal Park embarks bountiful gardens, grand stadium, historical marks (among others), theater, etc. Now this park features fountains.

Luneta and its lagoon

Back in college, I remember how we used to go here because of school requirements (e.g., documentaries, short films). Now, as far as I can remember, Luneta is more attractive and relaxing than before.

Yesterday (given the chance to use my leave), I was able to take a walk again in this long historical road to Luneta with my boyfriend. It was amazing how I really plan this moment because I wanted to enjoy nature (far from the stressful environment I was in). Luckily, Luneta never failed me.

facade of ang pagpapakabayani ni dr. jp rizal

There, we were able to enjoy all the steps we take (though the sun’s heat becomes our enemy). Still, it was perfect! The wind chilled us. And all I can do is to comb my hair many times because of the strong wind.

So we decided to go to one of the historical markers here, which features “The Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal.” Inside, we’re able to see huge replica of the important people in the journey towards the life and struggles of our national hero. For twenty pesos, we’re able to enjoy the scenery.

one of the historical marks: how jp rizal was shot

Next, we’ve spent our lunch time in the Chinese Garden (for an entrance fee of ten pesos)Literally, the garden showed signs of being in Chinese culture. Here, we’ve first wandered along the different places to relax and in the end, decided to sit in some stone work chair with trees around us.

chinese garden

Before going home, we let ourselves experience how to sit in front of the lagoon with its defunct fountain (because it’s too early to make it work). I really enjoyed the walk so much. 🙂

Though Luneta is under renovation, I was able to relax for some time. I’ve let myself embrace the real nature (leaves falling, wind shivering, tremendous heat of the sun in the afternoon, and so on). I am not a Manileña. But I think, stepping again in this wonderful Luneta is a blessing. And now, I know for sure, Luneta makes me fall in love again. 🙂

Long live Luneta!


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