100 Positive thoughts to live by

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

Life has its ups and downs. 🙂 But if I will sum up my 2013, I will only used one word: BLESSED. Because year 2013 has been very good to me. 🙂

2014 has just started. And as I say goodbye to 2013, let me share today, one hundred positive thoughts I learned from 2013. 🙂

1. God has better plans for us.

2. Think big.

3. Decide for your happiness.

4. Put God first and you will find a joy that lasts.

5. A faith worth having is a faith worth sharing.

6. Be too noble for anger.

7. Always think the best of others.

8. Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. -Collossians 3:2

9. Nothing is more costly than loving, except not loving.

10. Take time to be alone.

11. It is never too late to have a fresh start with God.

12.Be fair.

13. Be gentle.

14. One day at a time.

15. When God’s answer is negative, His reason is affirmative.

16. God gives His best to those who leave Him the choice.

17. Do not let your possession possess you.

18. Strive for excellence not perfection.

19. Give people a second chance.

20. A fulfilled life is a life full of love for God and others.

21. God hears our prayer.

22. Yesterday is gone.

23. Remember that friendship is a wise investment.

24. Be a blessing to others.

25. Make somene feel extra special.

26. For great is God’s love, higher than the heavens, His faithfulness reaches to the skies. -Psalm 108:4

27. Be kinder than necessary.

28. Love builds a happy home.

29. Joy is a by-product of friendship, faith and focus.

30. Stop to think about today’s blessing.

31. God’s promises are like stars, the darker it gets, the brighter they shine.

32. Look at the sunny side of life.

33. Have no fear of tomorrow.

34. Delight in simple things.

35. Happiness adds and multiplies when you divide it with others.

36. Everything is within your reach.

37. In God’s will is our peace.

38. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

39. We have to toil awhile, endure awhile, believe awhile and never give up.

40. Live, laugh and love your whole life long.

41. Joy is a daily choice not a future hope.

42. Forgiveness is a gift that also benefits the giver.

43. Your presence is a present to the world.

44. Your life can be what you want it to be.

45. Know when to keep silent.

46. Live a life of serenity not regrets.

47. Accept that life isn’t always fair.

48. Take time to pray for someone in need.

49. You can. If you think you can.

50. Life is 10% of what happens to us, and 90% of how we react to it.

51. Most life lessons are learned through pain.

52. Smile, it increases your face value.

53. Life is a series of positive and negative vibes.

54. Imagine a life without Him.

55. To God, all things are possible.

56. A day praying is a day worth spending.

57. Choose to be be happy.

58. Happiness without sacrifice is not happiness.

59. Fall seven times, stand up eight.

60. Do it now, not later.

61. Laugh at your own follies.

62. Life is about being contented.

63. Love and make it real.

64. Today, be grateful for everything you have.

65. Find solace even in unlikely times.

66. Learn to detach.

67. Laugh with God today.

68. Speak your mind.

69. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

70. Say goodbye and let go.

71. Break away. Fly!

72. Fight and love.

73. Things will get better in time.

74. Keep your faith alive.

75. You can do so much with little faith.

76. Look for better things and pray.

77. Love means preparing yourself to be hurt.

78. Life is about moving on.

79. Let God write your love story.

80.People come and go. Let them.

81. There are people who never stay. Let them go.

82. Letting go is necessary.

83.Cheer up. Fight!

84. Brighten up your day.

85. Two choices: Leave or stay.

86. For You laid your plans on me.

87. Walk in faith.

88. Faith is the ability to not panic.

89.Wear His word.

90. Real love stories never end.

91. Respect life.

92. Extend some help.

93. We have more blessings than we expect.

94. Wildest dream is the first step to reality.

95. Be the reason for someone else’s smile.

96. God’s instructions are important.

97. God will always provide.

98. There are several ways to avoid loving God, one is to deny that we are sinners.

99. Choose to be good even if you’re in the worst day of your life.

100. Seize the day!


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