2014: Year of Positive thinking and fighting

It has been two weeks since we welcome the Year of the Horse. For me, 2014 marks a new beginning: new hope. This year, I am more enthusiast to embrace what life has to offer me. More importantly, I am looking forward for more blessings God will grace me.

It is not my habit to have a list of my New Year’s Resolution/s (I am not a promise-maker person). As far as I’m concern, I am more of do-it-actually person. I would love to fulfill a mission by just working on it face to face than waiting for the right moment to act. 🙂

Yesterday, as I am scanning Yahoo! Philippines page, I came across this article entitled, 8 New Year’s Solution for 2014,” written by Larry Leviste. I found it amusing as I scroll down the article because it has illustrations that attracted me. So here, let me use the illustrations while I give my point of view for each one. I am acknowledging here Lady Santelices’ for her illustrations. As what I read, she had crafted the following illustration, and I quote, “to honor the incredible spirit and faith of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.” 

But let me reiterate, this article though it employs New Year’s Resolution, it was for me a wake up call. I love the idea, it is more of looking life as beautiful as it is. 🙂

Have no regrets

  • Have no regrets.

We missed things along the road. But looking life backward is never healthy at all. We cannot undo what we have done in the past. Start looking forward. Have no regrets of what we missed. At the end of it, we can still do things better than we thought we should have.

Choose to be positive.

  • Choose to be positive.

Whatever lies ahead, just enjoy it. Be enthusiastic. Choose to be positive. Because I believe that positive mind attracts positive results. 🙂

Never expect anything.

  • Never expect anything.

Expectation hurts. I am a victim of this, I confessed. I learned my lesson now. Never expect anything from anyone because the more you expect, the more you will be disappointed at the end.

Listen, observe and embrace.

  • Listen, observe and embrace.

The power of listening comes from the power to keep silent in the most subtle time. As life opens up for us, we should learn to observe things and embrace what it entails us. 🙂

Be brave, imaginative and decent.

  • Be brave, imaginative and decent.

Life is hard. But we should always be brave enough to face it and be imaginative enough to solve the problems that will lie ahead. Accept people and be decent so they will also be kind to you, at all cost.

Follow your instincts.

  • Follow your instincts.

They say woman’s instincts are always right. For most part, I believe that, too. Follow your instincts and see to yourself what it will do to you. Trust yourself and judge things accordingly.

Pray with gratitude.

  • Pray with gratitude.

Prayer is a powerful weapon. Prayer moves mountain. I believe that a simple “thank You, Lord,” for everything He had done, can make Him happy. With that, let us pray with gratitude. Thank everything He has give us, even those small stuffs we get in life. 🙂 God loves us, that’s why. 🙂



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