The meaning of my life is… She

I opened my eyes looking at the most beautiful creature in the world, twenty-two years ago. My first cry was your first-ever smile amidst the pain you’ve experienced. As soon as you safely carry me in your loving arms, that was the first time I ever felt true love. Still, all those wonderful experiences continue until now: sweet, protecting, understanding and loving you ever are. 

It has been too long since I say hello to this world. Nothing’s change. You are still the one who I keep running to, whenever odds or ends met my way. You are the reason for my determination, the one to say, “Go ahead!.”

My childhood memories always features you. Why? Because I always remember how you protected us from the harsh world. You teach us to be friendly; playing along with others. Though we ran to you crying because we got wounded, your advice and smile were our magical medicine. Healing with love, that’s what you do best! 🙂

As I discover my hidden talent, you are the one who push me forward. The one who believes that I can. You are my silent supporter, the one whose happiness I always found superb. Most of all, you are my number one fan, the one who becomes happy for all the success I achieved in this life.

We experience hardships along the way. But your strength is the one I admired most. You never show us that you’re weak because your strength, you say, comes from us. I met different people in this phase of life, but you are the bravest person I ever know! 

Your job is 24/7. But you have showered us 101% and more of everything you have. Your love is the best weapon you have given us that’s why we grew up like this. You raised us well. Though we made mistakes from time to time, you accepted our imperfections by loving us unconditionally.

You are our hero! The superwoman of our life. Without you, we are nothing. We owe our life to you! We thank God for giving us a loving woman like you, the best mother we have! 🙂

Thank you, Mama for everything you sacrificed for us. You are great! The very reason for our life! Thank you for taking care of us and for loving us wholeheartedly. Happy 59th birthday, Mama! No one will ever replace you in our hearts because for us, you are the  best mom in the world! 

I love you so much, Mama! Forever and ever and ever! Mwahhhhh. 🙂


Aki 🙂

SHE (Elvis Costello)

She may be the face I can’t forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the song the summer sings
May be the chill the autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day

She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
The smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem inside her shell

She who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one’s allowed to see them when they cry
She may be the love that cannot hope to last
May come to me from shadows of the past
But I’ll remember till the day I die

She may be the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I’m alive
The one I’ll care for through the rough in many years
Me, I’ll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I’ve got to be
The meaning of my life is she

My mom and I :)


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