Confessions of a Mickey Mouse murderer

Sound check. Sound check.

Ok, let’s sing! 🙂

Miska Muska, Mickey Mouse
That’s me

It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come inside, it’s fun inside
It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Roll call

Donald, present
Daisy, here
Goofy, hyuck, here
Pluto, ruff ruff
Minnie, oh, here
Mickey, right here

It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come inside, it’s fun inside

mickey mouse
I love Mickey Mouse.
I used to sing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s theme song, twenty months ago. See, I could still remember it.
Let’s talk about Mickey Mouse.

1 Mickey became an instant hit on November 18, 1928 with the release of ‘Steamboat Willie’, the first ever cartoon with synchronised sound. At that time, most other studios were still producing silent films while Disney adopted sound and raised the standard.

2 Walt originally wanted to call Mickey ‘Mortimer Mouse’, and it was changed to ‘Mickey Mouse’ when Walt’s wife Lillian said she felt that ‘Mortimer’ sounded too pompous and suggested another name that personified the qualities of fun and humbleness.

3 In ‘Opry House’, a video short released on March 28, 1929, Mickey started wearing white gloves. He went on to wear them in most of his subsequent appearances until today.

4 Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 18, 1978, in honour of his 50th anniversary. The star is located on 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

5 Disney’s product licensing business began in 1929, when Walt Disney accepted a deal with a stationery company for the right to imprint Mickey Mouse on school writing tablets. This later turned into what is now known as Disney Consumer Products, a multi-billion dollar business.

6 One of the most iconic Mickey Mouse products of all time is the Mickey Mouse wrist watch. The first one was produced by the Ingersoll-Waterbury company in 1933, and it was sold for USD2.95. The company presented Walt Disney with the 25-millionth Mickey Mouse watch in 1957.

7 The creation of Mickey Mouse earned Walt Disney an honorary Academy Award in 1932.

Mickey was given his own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1934.

Mickey appeared in colour for the first time in ‘The Band Concert’, which premiered on February 23, 1935.

10 Mickey appeared in black and white for the last time in ‘Mickey’s Kangaroo’, which actually premiered about two months after the first colour one!

11 Mickey Mouse’s feature film debut in ‘Fantasia’ in 1940 as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice was one of his most famous roles ever. The film introduced stereophonic sound to motion pictures through a special sound system called Fantasound, and cost US$2.28 million to make.

12 In 1955, Mickey made his debut on television in The Mickey Mouse Club television show.

13 According to Walt Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have never been married on screen. But, in 1933, during an interview with Film Pictorial, Walt said, “In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie… What it really amounts to is that Minnie is, for screen purposes, his leading lady.”

14 In designing and constructing a Disney theme park or adding the final touches to an attraction, Disney Imagineers subtly “hide” Mickey Mouse silhouettes in plain sight. It later became a tradition known as ‘Hidden Mickeys’.

15 One of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes about his accomplishments is: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.” (Source: Deccan Herald)


What’s so important about Mickey Mouse?

Ok, aside from being my favorite cartoon character, I used to collect things with Mickey Mouse designs. My collection includes t-shirt, keychains, scented stationary, notebooks, pens, etc. See, this is how fanatic I am.

I love Mickey for the simple fact that he is cute and I really like his wide smile combined with his large eyes. He is something I would love to hug during cold nights.

But one time, everything has changed…


I have this bookshelf where I put my most treasured books. This is my only bookshelf that’s why. To avoid getting dust, I covered it with plastic. But for the fourth time, my one and only bookshelf was attacked by, sadly, rats.

Rats. Just like Mickey.

The annoying thing about rats is that they love to bite papers, plastics and anything they found good to eat with. So, I discovered they live inside my bookshelf because they left a mark somewhere in the covered plastic.

I hate it when I remove those books which are peacefully resting in their house. But I really don’t have a choice. One by one, I remove my books and alas! I found their cradle. But sadly, I also found my book’s pages ruined.

All of a sudden, I can feel my blood rose. Anger filled me. I saw three mices still occupying my bookshelf. I’m afraid of rats because they are ugly, dirty and they emit foul smell when urinating. So I sought the help of my mom. She courageously picked those mices with tissue paper (so she can’t get bitten and to avoid getting rabies, of course). She was able to kill two of the mice by pinning them but unfortunately, one mice was able to escape. And I was like grrrrrrrr….

Since that day, from time to time, I often checked my bookshelf from any possible rat invasion. And luckily, I haven’t found any the last time I checked. I also swear, deep inside my heart, that I will never ever let any rat invade my life. That’s why, I keep a promise of killing them whenever necessary (sorry for the word, but I am not really an animal killer, I stand corrected but I think, I am a pest killer!) Hey, rats good thing you can’t read, because I want you to know that I will kill you deep within your roots! (evil laugh)


I love Mickey Mouse, but maybe, I really don’t. 🙂

mickey mouse murderer

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