A Letter of Love

“I finally understood what true love meant…love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.”  ~Dear John (Nicholas Sparks)

Dear RJ,

Five years. It has been our fifth year together, celebrating Valentine. It is really amazing how we love to spend important occasions in our life. They say girls remember more when it comes to significant dates (but, I beg to disagree) because you remember more than I can.

You give me the best of everything. As a matter of fact, you give me more than I deserve. You love to make me happy, and I love the way you do it. 🙂 Just last friday, someone told you that you’re lucky to have me, but no! because you know what? I’m lucky to have you.

You made every effort to see me despite our busy schedules. Though I always rejects you’re proposal, you always tend to understand. We argue, yes, but you’re always the one who quits just so I can win. I’m your strength, you say, but guess what? You’re my superman, my hero, my protector, in every other way. 🙂

We love to tell each other stories. We love to laugh loudly, even we’re in public places. I say, I don’t care what will they say, because when I’m with you, it’s as if time stood still. You became my world even without noticing it. You’re the one who completes me.

We’re both crazy in love, yes it’s true! I love every bit of you. Your eyes, your smile — because you’re my everything. Loving you is one of the best things I can surely do. To make you happy is the least I can do.

I have been given the reason to wake up each single day knowing there is somene who waits for me. Just hearing your voice makes my blues go away. You’re my stress reliever, my dose of medicine when I’m not okey. You’re my inspiration to go on living.

God gave me one of the best people in this world, of course that’s you! I am so honored to have you. Thank you for almost everything. I love you with all of my heart. I love you because of who you are.

Thank you for loving me despite my imperfections. You gave me your unconditional love and I thank God because He let us cross our ways. Remember always that I am here for you. I can be everything you want me to be, girlfriend, bestfriend, listener, etc. 🙂

Happy Valentine, my love! 🙂 I love you from here to the moon and then back again. ❤



US :)

US 🙂

My Valentine Stuffs :)

My Valentine Stuffs given by him 🙂

For him :)

For him 🙂



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