Sunday with Mitch Albom and the Thousands of People you meet in Glorietta

Eight long hours.

These hours took me to wait patiently, hopefully and positively in long lines of overcrowded people. A line that connects avid readers of Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People you meet in heaven and The first phone call from heaven, (among other best selling books) from one of the best international authors in the world, Mr. Mitch Albom.

Mitch Albom book signing

Mitch Albom book signing

Far from what I’ve expected, thousands of fans gathered inside Glorietta Activity Center. I’ve come at the said place at 11:00 not knowing that the line will brought me outside (tired, hungry, sweat pouring, irritable, leg aching) until 2:15 in the afternoon.

Mitch Albom book signing

Time recapped.

By 11:00 a.m., I bought another copy of The first phone call from heaven. I’ve asked my co-readers for the last line and they pointed me outside. I was greeted by hundreds of other hopeful fans and finding the last line readily made my head ached. The line was moving very slowly.

Waiting in line.

Waiting in line.

By 12:00, we took our lunch while standing. Imagine the hard scenario.

At 12:30 p.m., we were advised by a n event coordinator of National Bookstore that the last person (right before an assistant of NBS who held a placard) will be the last one to be permitted inside to have a book signed.

Seeing a bad news

Seeing a bad news

What to expect? Of course, an angry mob do not let it happen and we totally freaked out. Why? We almost stood there for hours, waiting in vain just to have our book signed. I was disappointed of how unorganized NBS was.

Despite of the bad news we got, we do not give up. I was thankful because our efforts do have a positive result. At 2:15 p.m., we were allowed to go inside the activity center and there he was… OMG! Mitch Albom. 🙂

Meet Mr. Albom :)

Meet Mr. Albom 🙂

There were really a huge number of people inside. Still, we have our lines but we’ve got to take pictures of Mr. Albom while he was at the backstage. And I can’t keep myself from screaming after I heard his voice. Wow! All our hardships subside. Maybe my screaming was just my way of proving that despite all difficulties of waiting in line, I really love Mr. Mitch. This is my first time attending a book signing event and I think it was an unforgettable experience.

Backstage. Albom smiles to fans.

Backstage. Albom smiles to fans.

Time passed easily. It was getting really late. We still do not have a signing pass. Were just another bunch of hopefuls.

By 7:30 in the evening, an event coordinator  approached us and explaining the “stub” thing. So we were told that we can still have our books signed by filling up a stub form but the consequences are: (1) we need to left our books with the stub and to claim it on February 27 onwards and (2) we will not able to go near Mr. Mitch and have pictures with him, anymore.

Meeting Mr. Mitch is one of my biggest dreams. I am not a person who gives up easily. But this one thing, well, I have to decide and weigh situations properly.  There were still a huge number of people waiting and we do not know if we will still be entertained, and so, I’ve decided to do the stub thing.



I may not able to meet Mr. Mitch face to face and have a picture taken together, but I think I have achieved a remarkable thing in my life. My efforts have shown how I tried so hard to reach for a star that I can only meet once in a lifetime. Having their book signed by their favorite authors is one of the best feeling a book lover could get.

I am now waiting for next week to have my book signed by Mr. Mitch. Yesterday was really an amazing experience for me. I have exerted too much effort and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. I love Mr. Mitch Albom. I will still be one of his supportive fans, waiting to meet him personally one day, and silently praying for his success, even from a distance. 🙂

Hello, Mr. Mitch Albom! :)

Hello, Mr. Mitch Albom! 🙂


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