Real Cove Resort: Nature’s hidden beauty

Taking the long road to Antipolo is such a sweet treat at all.

If you want to escape the noisy and busy city of Manila, Antipolo can surely offer you the best resorts ever. And I, for sure, can attest to that.  Because just as you traverse the road, it will lead you to something beautiful. Something worth spending the summer with.

Located at Brgy. Dalig, (Teresa, Rizal boundary), Real Cove Resort offers affordable yet amazing summer adventure you can never imagine. Honestly speaking, I don’t know that this resort exists at all, not before my bestfriend’s boyfriend suggests to spent overnight swimming there.

real cove resort


And the resort didn’t failed us.

For 120 pesos per person (overnight swimming) plus 500 nipa hut cottage, we have enjoyed our night away. Here you can find huge swimming pools and other amenities. They also offer reservation for private activities.

big pool

other pool

kiddie pool

Though we’ve experienced some disappointments because of the unorganized system when it comes to payments or even request (the admin had been insensitive for they are pointing fingers as to where we need to request for this or that), still we kept our heads cool and just have our good time.

swimming is fun

And just before the sun rose, the management let us take the popular 460 steps to the mountain top.

460 steps

It was really exciting. I enjoyed every step I take even though my legs ached from time to time. What made it fun as we go up is that we can see the beautiful landscape of the city. We were surrounded by nature’s beautiful gem. And at the top, all was worth it. It was as if we are one with mother nature. It was a satisfying experience. 🙂

way up

I never regretted going to Real Cove Resort. It was a fun and challenging trip to remember. Thumbs up for this! 🙂

beautiful sunrise


Price list:

price list




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