Sweet, soothing lullaby

A voice trailing me off to sleep

Soft, giving hands

The hands which caresses me.


Guiding me as I grew up

Looking me as fragile 

You stand for me a lot of times

Leading my way through life.


My first teacher

My reading buddy

You’re the one I lean on

When studying was so difficult to carry.


You look at me with loving eyes

For every achievement I had

You’re my avid fan; my silent supporter

An instant audience for my every success.


Your strength is superb

You never let us see you crying

You said we are your happiness

The reason you hold on to living.


Thank you for everything

All your life you had served with us,

Sacrificing too much for us,

Your love, well, it is truly never ending.


My happiness, my love

My superwoman, my Mother

It’s no other than her.

mom and daughter






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