Perfect Two


Only you. You gave me the best feeling in the world. Love.

That’s what you do best.

Well, I just want to thank you for everything. We’ve been through a lot. For five years, you’ve showered me with too much love I didn’t think I deserve at all. But no! You never get tired of doing the things just to make me happy.

But after all, you’re my happiness.

Seeing you every time I’m tired is the best relief I could get. Everytime I hear your laughter, it makes me fall in love more. It’s the sound of your voice that makes my heart rejoice.

My heart. It’s only for you. Because my heart belongs only to you.

Thank you for being my strength, my light, my joy. I found love the very first time I saw you. 🙂

And when all else fails, I know we will stick to each other. You and me, just us. The perfect two. 🙂

I love you so much (belated happy 60 months of real love!) and I know that the universe will conspire with us because our love is true. 🙂



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