The National Museum of the Philippines: Beyond Art and Culture

Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world.”
-Andre Maurois

Our country is enriched with culture and art. As our history unfolds, art serves as a proof that our country boost significant details and artifacts that preserves our rich heritage.

One of the living proofs that our country do exhibit rich heritage is the National Museum of the Philippines.

A government agency museum, The National Museum of the Philippines (NM) preserves, exhibits and fosters scholarly study and appreciation of works of arts, specimens and cultural and historical artifacts of the Philippines.



13711453_10207143268767791_49394271_o - Copy

So last July 19, my office mates and I, decided to visit the said museum. The museum is located at P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila. So knowing that it is now free of admission, off we go.



13692372_10207143281408107_1159410404_o - Copy

13681779_10207143292208377_1168464335_o - Copy

The museum has its branches which includes the National Art Gallery, Museum of the Filipino People, Planetarium and Regional Museums.

Apparently, we’ve only visited the the National Art Gallery and Museum of the Filipino People branches. But still, we’ve enjoyed our trip inside the museum.

13681825_10207143283488159_900185202_o - Copy


13692219_10207143314368931_1077467061_o - Copy


13692383_10207143314728940_239508040_o - Copy

13694033_10207143318649038_1685045172_o - Copy

13694102_10207143319369056_40858917_o - Copy

13699406_10207143270127825_377146247_o - Copy


13699561_10207143283248153_337176652_o - Copy


13720496_10207143318809042_227727542_o - Copy

13730522_10207143286848243_2070057594_o - Copy




13730500_10207143278848043_2093408104_o - Copy

13720441_10207143312168876_1008984271_o - Copy

13711659_10207143283448158_1251092749_o - Copy

13702474_10207143270847843_2143178577_o - Copy




13711518_10207143272527885_1838348810_o - Copy


As I said, admission is free to all, both local and foreign visitors. There is no need to present an ID. You just only need to register at the desk. It is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can take pictures inside the museum but there are few reminders you should observe. So, to ensure the safety of the visitors, as well as those artifacts, just follow those simple guidelines and prohibitions and enjoy your experience.

To go to National Museum, just follow this  direction.

For more information and inquiries, kindly visit their website and Facebook page.


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