I saw you in my dreams last night.
You stare at me like I’m a beautiful sight.
But I looked away like I’m in a flight
Yet you held your gaze like you’re hugging me so tight.

So tell me, how can I forget you?
When couples walked hand in hand, I saw you.
When love songs played on radio, I hear you.
When random people passed by, I smell you.
When my blanket covered me in a cold night, I feel you.
When I sip my coffee first thing in the morning, I taste you.

How can I forget you?
When you are the period —
an end to my run-on sentence
When you became a verb — a past tense.

Can I forget you?
Definitely yes. I have to.
Because what’s worse than forgetting
is all about remembering.

To remember —
that once upon a time
On the 31st of October,
When the vicinity is full of lovers
You asked me if I can be yours forever.
And the next day, I knew, what we have is over.

And what I need to remember —
Is that courage is finishing something
that has not yet started.
That letting you go
is better than holding on will do.

So this is how I forget you —
To remember that never did I ever love you.



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