A Letter for You

Dear You,
It has been a year or two
Since I wrote about you
it’s as if the words lost all of its hue
Like a love that I once knew.

Dear You,
I’m still figuring out why
When you left, days killed me as it passed by,
How easily love can die
And what’s left were your painful lies.

Dear You,
Everything around me reminds me of you
And the spaces between my fingers still search for you.
And when it still chills me When the wind blew
Knowing there are no arms that will wrap me like you used to.

Dear You,
Moving on is never easy
But holding on to you is not an option for me.
We build a love that is amazing to see
But in the end, we’re still not meant to be.

Dear You,
This is the last poem I will write about you.
The hardest part of it all is when you left without a clue.
You should have find courage to say goodbye but you never really do.
So this is a farewell to a love that is not true.



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