I’m in love with Sunrise

Just as deeply as I am in love with you.

I remember us holding hands while waiting for the sky to paint us a magnificent combination of yellow and orange in a splash of its bluish canvass. Slowly, like magic, dark clouds give way to a brilliant color scheme tantalizing both our eyes. A mesmerizing view — a sunrise with you.

And then I looked at you.

And I’m amazed. I’m amazed how your eyes can hold a new set of sunrise. A sunrise that lights up my heart. How those mix of colors can be so beautiful and captivating when you lift my head and stare at me, fascinated and wandering. “I can watch a million sunrises with you, but nothing can compare beauty whenever I look at you,” you said to me.

And how can I respond to those unwavering words. It just felt so good. And it even felt so good when you held my hand and slowly placed it in your chest. And I feel it, your heart’s sudden throbbing. “You’re the only one who can make this stir and beating,” you added.

I never knew how moving it is to realize how your heart beats for me. You made me want to watch more sunrise with you. You’re just my good days and all the days that will follow. And when i looked back, I want to see how far we’ve reached — how this overflowing love can create million sunrises by just looking through each other’s eyes and feeling each other’s heart.

Love is beautiful. It blends colors and  suddenly, you can create exquisite pictures together. We’re like that — a mix of black and white splashed with dazzling colors forming a picturesque masterpiece. Love is a masterpiece and so are we.

We held hands while we watched the sun rising on the horizon. I’m in love with sunrise, I said. But I can never love something as much as I love you. I’m in love with sunrise. But I’m more in love with you.




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