Because you’re brave.

Life works in such a crazy way. Even there are struggles along the way, you will survive the storm. You’ll conquer heights. You’ll fight for what you dream on.

Remember, you’re ingenious.

When things are not working the way you plan it, just keep on trying. From plan A, proceed to plan B. There is no easy route in this life. You’ll experience falling a lot of times but if there’s falling there is also catching. Catch yourself. Stand firm on the ground. Live what you believe. There is no remedy from failure than to end up winning in the end. Believe in yourself.

Dear, you’re patient.

Remember, for all the things lost there are precious things left to find. Patience, dear. There’s a pot of gold in a rainbow, just like there’s  a “good job” in life. You’ve reached this far, wait a little more. Soon things will unleash itself and you will find treasure the least you expect it so aim for more.

And so you’ll grow.

Like a butterfly, you’ll spread your wings and fly to the sky. Don’t be blinded by the light. It will serve as your guide. Reach for your aspirations. Never stop dreaming. Flap your wings and say “Hello, World! Watch me, I’ll conquer you!” You have wings to aim high and eyes to settle your goals. Worry less. Be brave enough to fight for what is best.

And because of that, you’ll grow.

Because you’re a survivor.

And you survived. Job well done! Life’s tough but so are you. So grow. There’s no stopping now. Push ahead. Keep on blooming. Life’s sweet reward awaits you! 🙂


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