Celebrating Women Empowerment through Art

Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” —G.D. Anderson

The most beautiful creation of God is a woman. They  have the power to rule. The power to create. The power  to transform. They can make the world. And most of all, they can rule it. These are just few of the things that a woman can. And all of these signify how strong, determined and amazing women are.

Blessed to be part of a wonderful advocacy, Woman, Create, marked its 3rd year of seeking and fulfilling wonders through art at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall, Makati, last Saturday (November 25).

The host, Ms. Verns Quintana.

A Philippine-based arts platform organization, Woman, Create aims to continuously empower, engage  and influence people  through art.
Woman, Create‘s theme for this year centers on Big Magic and seeking the pieces that leads people to it. Generally, it wanted people to turn their lives into works of Art and finding Big Magic along the way.
It was also truly enlightening that this event was graced by speakers who shared their passions and purpose in creating art and craft that influence others.
The first speaker who talked about Intention and Connection was Ms. Clarisse Provido, a visual artist specialising in watercolor and collage. She also blogs at Pintura’t Pintig.

Ms. Clarisse Provido.

A freelance writer and travel blogger, Ms. Danna Peña shared her insights about Purposeful Writing. Ms. Danna is also a member of Woman, Create’s #FeministBookClub.

Ms. Danna Peña.

Ms. Chiara Garcia, a storyteller turned creative entrepreneur, meanwhile discussed Creative Community-Building. She is the proud founder of a community-centered production biz called Hey Kin.


Ms. Chiara Garcia.

The youngest speaker of the event, Ms. Gabrielle de Baron is a Grade 12 IB-Visual Arts student, who gave talk on how youth can be Present in issues such as Feminism today. Her arts and exhibits tackle issues such as sexual harassment, mental health and womanhood.

Ms. Gabrielle de Baron.

Meanwhile discussing about Our Pursuit of Passion was Ms. Ja Quintana, a Migo Imagineer by day, and an ethnic jazz singer and songwriter by night. She has just returned to performing and writing new songs.

Ms. Ja Quintana.

I was amazed, and at the same time, inspired on how these muses confidently shared their art and passion to other people. Just by listening to these girls talk about how people can contribute to empower women is really encouraging. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish all the talks because it’s really getting late.

Setting things aside, every year, portion of the planner’s earnings has been given to the plight of Syrian refugees, in particular to SavetheChildren.org – the Syrian campaign. But this year, Ms. Marika Callangan (@projectrika), the founder of Woman, Create, decided to give it to Wipe Every Tear.

Ms. Marika Callangan, founder of Woman, Create. (Credit to the owner)

A Philippine missionary organization, Wipe Every Tear  is dedicated to rescuing girls who have been caught in sex trafficking. It commits to bringing hope and healing in the lives of women. To know and learn more about this advocacy, please be free to visit their website or their Tayo tab.

Planner pick-ups, artist meet-ups and a mini-postcard exhibit also occurred during the event.

As I said earlier, I was blessed to be part of this wonderful advocacy. I was fortunate enough to be one of the contributors of the planner. I was overjoyed that my two poems were blessed to be part of the 2018 Wonder Planner.

From my poem “Lost.”

From my poem “Prelude.”

365 Wonders 2018 is available in the following stores: FullyBooked Fort and Greenhills; CommonRoom Alabang Town Center, Katipunan and CommonRoom PH and Co ATC pop-up space (UGF). It costs Php 1,195.

Jewel Wonder Collage cover. (Credit to the owner)

I truly enjoyed the launching, and as I was inspired by all the talks I’ve heard, I will continue to pursue my passion just so I can inspire others, too. I will ignite the living writer in me, continue creating art and share this craft to the world (it’s possible, I know).

And so, to all the days that will come, with the stillness of my heart, I will take courage to keep living my dream — filled with wonder and intention. Seek the Big Magic, folks!

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