The Girl Who Stays

once told me
That love is easy

You’ll meet someone
You’ll hold their gaze
You’ll find yourself catching your breath
You’ll smile
And you’ll give yourself a try.

And the heart
will soon play its part
Of beating
Of throbbing.
Soon, you’ll see yourself

It’s been like that
When I met you.
Love is easy.
You said to me.

But when you left
You never told me
That falling out of love is never easy.

Because I’m the one you left behind.
I watched you walked away
Without even looking back.

But I choose to stay.

I stay
in love
with memories.
Because there are moments worth
Those moments I am capable
of loving.

I’m the one who stays.

I stay
Some days may not be good
But better days are coming, so I thought.
And in those days, I choose to love.
Because in love, I became whole.
In love, I became free.

I’m the one who stays.

I stay
in each passing day.
I’ve conquered solitude
Knowing my heart’s made up of tenderness
and beautiful broken pieces.

And when everyone goes away
I will choose to stay.

I am used to being alone.
I’ve seen people walking out of my life
Leaving with memories
Of emptiness
Of heaviness
And a piece of my heart.

But I choose to stay.

And I will stay.
Because someone
Once told me
That love is easy.
And in staying,
I’ve learned
the most beautiful form of loving –-

I’m capable of loving myself more.
I will give myself time to grow
To embrace life
To appreciate my beauty
Because I can.

Because I’m the girl who stays
And I don’t need someone
who loves to walk away.



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