Sweet, soothing lullaby

A voice trailing me off to sleep

Soft, giving hands

The hands which caresses me.


Guiding me as I grew up

Looking me as fragile 

You stand for me a lot of times

Leading my way through life.


My first teacher

My reading buddy

You’re the one I lean on

When studying was so difficult to carry.


You look at me with loving eyes

For every achievement I had

You’re my avid fan; my silent supporter

An instant audience for my every success.


Your strength is superb

You never let us see you crying

You said we are your happiness

The reason you hold on to living.


Thank you for everything

All your life you had served with us,

Sacrificing too much for us,

Your love, well, it is truly never ending.


My happiness, my love

My superwoman, my Mother

It’s no other than her.

mom and daughter






“Name” Sane

I was thinking of something to write this week and unexpectedly, I come up with “name” as this week’s topic. 🙂

Why? Well, as a simple explanation, I was just curious on the history of the name of certain people, just as I am curious about my own. 🙂

  •  Maria May Angelie

 As one of my dearest co-employee, I was able to asked her the origin of her name. “Maria”, well for certain, it runs through their ancestors (specifically their girls cousin). All of her cousins had this name. “May”, on the other hand was really the choice of her mother (because she was born on the month of May). She was also named “Angelie” because of the popularity of Angelique Claso, a well-known broadcaster in the year she was born. 🙂

  • Donessa

Contrary to her name, she was used to be called by her nickname “Phan”. It was just that she was not really proud of her birth name. 🙂 On one of her stories, she has narrated that “Donessa” originated from a radio show. On their province, radio was really the source of entertainment. So one day, while listening, her parents decided to come up with that name. It was a name of a fairy on a radio show, she was told. On the other hand, she was also told that if she wasn’t called Donessa, she should have been named Andrea. 🙂

  • Maron Francisco

As shared, “Maron” has originated when one day, his father has accidentally saw it on a movie credit. 🙂 Meanwhile, “Francisco” runs in the blood. Why? Of course, it’s because he has carried the name of his grandfather. Too loving parents. 🙂 Anyways, as I have asked him last night, if he will be given a chance to change his name, he wants to be called “Romeo”. Because he is  fascinated with a television series “Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo”. 🙂

  • Princess Anne

My bestfriend, on the other hand,  was named such because of such. 🙂 lol 🙂 “Princess” was the choice of her mother without any certain reason. 🙂 “Anne”, meanwhile, was given by the midwife after she was born so that her name will not be that ordinary. 🙂 If given a chance to change her name, she wants to be called by her favorite expression: Smile. 🙂

  • Eunice

This is now my time to share my name’s origin. I just figured my name’s origin last week while coming up with this article. I asked my mom why does I  name such and apparently, she is not answering my question seriously that time. 🙂 But within minutes she seriously told me that she has come up with my name because I was born  after a year of her unfortunate miscarriage. She said my name was depicted after the words “unica ija”  and a toothpaste brand “unique”. 🙂 This is really the first time I have learned my name’s history and really I was happy with my name after all. 🙂

We will carry our names the time we had given such, the day we are born and to the end of our lives. Names, these are some sort of our own identity. We have names so we will be distinct from others. Though apparently, we have the same names with other beings, still we differentiate ourselves from others by way of our character. Names are just label we are given in order to improve  ourselves. 🙂

Names are special. We need to take good care of it no matter what. We are given these names because we will grow with it. We are the ones who will nurture it. What counts more is that we used our names properly. Because at the end of the day, no matter what names we have, it is still in our hands and God’s will what our future will be. 🙂name slogan

Dream Big: Journey to a Motherhood Success

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Inspired with Mark twain’s thought, Ma. Cristina Camitan Javaluyas shares her journey fulfilling the legacy she once dreamt of.

Ms. Cristy was a Business Administration, Management major graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. At present, she is a successful Administrative Assistant, Special Project Department of Sycip Salazar Hernandez and Gatmaitan Law Firm, the biggest law office in the Philippines.

Happily married to Renato Eduardo Javaluyas, a successful real estate and construction business, she was also blessed with two children Ronnie and Katherine; both were also successful in their fields. It is a living proof of how successful she is in her life.

Being a mother is hard at all. But, Ms. Cristy provided her children unconditional love and open communication because she do believes that more than being successful in any career, she must, most of all, be successful on being a mother.  Proudly, her children had grown-up knowing what is right and wrong while making Decisions Street smart and very independent with instilled values.

The consequence of having a luxurious life had attested her, when her son decided to stop studying on his college years. It is an emotional turmoil for her but she did not give up her son. She provided him every guidance he needs to enlighten him. Thankfully, her son was able to come up to his mind and decided to finish school.

The fruit of her parenting career has been very successful. Her eldest son was an Information Technologist graduate and is now married with two beautiful daughters, while her youngest daughter is a Senior Analysts of Deusche Bank.

At this point of her life, seeing her children already stable, growing and fulfilling their dreams was the very essence of her contentment. She has been very thankful on both tangible and intangible side of life. Somehow, the payments for her efforts and hard works had been able to travel and experience the culture of different countries.

As she pursued his dream of living a successful life, she considers that if her father was still alive, she could have bought him anything he needs and would be able to bring him to places she have been to. She will be able to show his father her journey as a mother, as well as the challenges and success she had.

“There’s no formula to succeed. There are no fast rules to live by. Success is not attained overnight. Hard work, dedication and motivation are a staple to achieve something.”

Bond with contentment, a happy motherhood and successful life, Ms. Cristy continues to dream big and making it happens.

Mam Cristy in their office (right)