The bitter-sour taste of life

This week has been really an “out-of-the-world” status for me. What makes it really “out” was the scenarios I have heard, saw and felt this past few days.


It was on November 13, when this viral video of a certain “Paula”, a college student came out humiliating a lady guard at LRT2 Santolan Station. This video has become a trending topic of every people who takes on different sides.

Well, (not for clearing my conscience), I am not taking any sides. Both of them commits mistake. I just hope that both of them, during that day, just keep their heads cool. Maybe it will come out as a little misunderstanding if both of them just limit their power of speech. They should have learn that everything in life will turn out ok without using so much freedom of expression. Learn to follow rules and obey simple laws. Smile. 🙂


Meanwhile, tremendous news involving a 34-year old barangay tanod who robbed and viciously killed by slitting the throat of  its three occupants in Tondo, Manila also headlines the news. Unfortunately, the said barangay tanod was purportedly shot in his head causing his instant death.

Crime. Murder, massacre, robbery, these have been the major content of the news. As it said, “bad news is good news.” Well, I hope there could be a more peaceful way of delivering news. I hope that the victims and the suspect will rest in peace. What people needs now is a peaceful way of living.


Upon riding a jeepney, I caught a man (who was in front of me) peeking the breast of a nursing student, who was next to him. I thought he was just looking outside, but no! I followed the direction of his eyes and I am really sure that he is looking in the sensitive part of the said girl. Grrr… He is a real maniac! Why are there guys who are happy abusing girls? I hope our political leaders promulgate law to penalize such maniac.  I am really hoping that maybe, 80% of our men today are real gentlemen.


Life has its different taste. It is just up to us how we will savor each experience we face in our everyday existence. Anyways, I have tasted this sour flavor of life when I came upon these two kids who I thought were playing on something right on a small flood covering the road. When I peeked, I was shocked to see a big dead rat floating in the said flood. I hurriedly looked away and I was like in the midst of vomiting. Sour, really sour, I learned then to be not so curious of something, so I will not be surprised to see what it is that I am curiously looking at.

Life really has its five tastes. Learn to taste all of those and see to yourself life’s hidden happiness. 🙂

“Overrated” Traffic

Late last Thursday, I’ve experienced again the unending scenario of traffic jam. I was on my way home with a tummy that is already churning and tiresome feeling after an eight-hour of work when suddenly five minutes after I rode a jeepney, all I can see are overflowing of cars without literally moving. All I can utter was “Whoa”. 🙂

Traffic. It is one of the terrible things that can happen in the road (more terrible if you least expect it). It is as if traffic consumes all your time needed to do something more valuable. Traffic is a headache, really. What makes it a headache is the fact that once you have this important appointment and all of a sudden you arrive late and alas! All was thrown into trash. You can blame anybody, you can shout, but what else can you do, traffic is a matter of our everyday life. 🙂

So, just what I said earlier, I rode this jeepney on my way to Anonas with a driver who drastically has a high blood that time because as I have eavesdropped, he has just finish fixing his flat tire and was all wet because of the unexpected rain.  All of a sudden, he decided to take on different route so as to make a “shortcut”, but what this shortcut means was another long and boring set of traffic. So all I ended up was praying “Lord, please keep me safe and may I arrive on my destination safe and sound”.  Thank God I have able to go down at 6:15 in the evening after leaving at 5:00 in the afternoon (when it all should be a 30-minute ride).

What else is new here?  Traffic everywhere. Well, it is everybody’s fault why this unending problem is left unsolved. I have to blame myself and you can blame yourself too. As a responsible citizen, we all have our responsibility to follow rules and orders. These regulations are set for our own benefit. Though we have this right to express, we should not forget the word “limitations”. We all have limitations. Sometimes, it is better to follow for the good of everybody. Government has also their responsibilities, but we should not blame all the unnecessary things we experience to them, because we also do have faults in this problem.

What we should do, is to act properly and be able to follow what the law says. At the end of the day, we all want a peaceful and orderly society manage by a respectful leader. Traffic is one of the problems we just came along. But we should manage to keep calm and wish for the betterment of things. Be a responsible citizen, have a truthful means of governance, in the end we can be at ease and we can live peacefully. Have a safe and joyful traffic ahead! 🙂



Looking back

After cleaning an old bookshelf, I have found my old favorite book and here’s one of my favorite poems written there.


A day ago you had been away

Away, a day ago

You stayed away from what was yours

To love, to share, to care.

Today, you are with them

With them, today

You’ll stay today from now till end

To love, to share, to care

My Chinese Zodiac 2012

… Adapted from travel china guide 🙂

The sheep (or ram) is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to make writing brushes and skin to keep warm. As it is white, people describe delicate and precious white jade to be ‘suet jade’. Thus it is close to the meaning of good things.

People under the sign of the sheep are tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted. They have special sensitivity to art and beauty, faith in a certain religion and a special fondness for quiet living. They are wise, gentle and compassionate and can cope with business cautiously and circumspectly. In their daily life, they try to be economical. Women born in this year are willing to take good care of others, but they should avoid pessimism and hesitation. They are kind in heart and commonly have symmetrical figures and features.

Sheep year people are often worriers who are shy, pessimistic, moody, indecisive, over-sensitive, weak-willed and puzzled about life. They are easily inclined to be deeply religious. They are timid in nature and like to be looked after by others. They like flattery, compliment and suggestions from friends. They do not dare to express their love openly and usually have interests in strange theories.

Fortune Foretelling in 2012
Sheep people have an average luck in 2012. They might have arguments with work partners, friends and families, or fall prey to a plot.

Career: They should stay out of troubles and be with cares and discretion to what they say or do, in order to avoid troubles from jealous people.
Wealth: Sheep people have good fortune in money this year. It is suitable for them to make investments and look for business cooperation.
Love: Their luck in love is not ideal in 2012. Most possibilities will pass them in the street. Only a little chance to make it and develop into a real relationship. They do not have to be frustrated anyway.
Health: Being on short commons or eat too much sometimes. Improper eating habit may result in burdens to their stomach.


 Though the said forecast have positive and negative information, still I believe that we are  the sailors of our life, our destiny depends on ourselves and the best way to make the forecast real is to live life patiently and with the acts ready to fulfill every mission given to us. Kung Hei Fat Choi! Have a prosperous 2012! 🙂

Fun with a twist

With high hopes of attracting vast number of tourists, finally the Department of Tourism (DOT) came up with its slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. Though issues rallied upon the said slogan which was said to be an imitation of the 1951 Switzerland advertisement, still DOT manage to catch the attention of  everybody.

Well, so much can be prove how fun it is in the Philippines, from how Filipinos spend their everyday living to simple talks and labor into something very exciting and enjoyable. It is easy to say that Filipinos struggled financially, emotionally and economically, but regardless of it all, still we manage to survive every other day positively. That’s what Filipinos are, struggling but fighting. Only in the Philippines can we see people smiling even in the midst of typhoon. And only in the Philippines can we find true happiness because happiness here is unique, it is viral.

“It’s More Fun in the Philippines” do not only merely signify a slogan promoted by one of its government agency, but it tries to go deep. It is fun with a twist. It reflects the Filipino tradition, a one of a kind tradition that only here can be found. It tells the story of our country, the rich folklore we have and most especially the true Filipinos living within us. It is what we are and how proud we are to be. And so I can say, it is really fun here. Come and see! 🙂

A beautiful Morning

..adapted from McDonald’s commercial 🙂

Hooray for Mornings
And things that make them good
Hooray for beaming smiles That make my day
Hooray for stop’s and go’s
Hooray for colors and quick hellos
Hooray for surprises that walk my way
Hooray for friends I’ll make,
oh hey…hey!
Hooray for treats that make me smile,
Like magic stripes that fill the sky
Hooray for days that make me say,

Note: Today is a brand new day so let us not waste our time counting what we’ve lost but rather be thankful for what we’ve gained and the wonder of another day spent here on earth. We are very blessed and forever will be. Good morning! 🙂

Hey Daydreamer

Note: I have heard this music once in a television commercial of cornetto disc, and since that day, the song keeps playing on my head 🙂


Oh you could just pretend to be with her all day

Remember the feeling when you first held hands today

Imagine her in your favorite white dress

Smiling at you as if she thinks that you’re the best

She tell you You and me, sitting on a tree,

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. You tell her

Baby hear me out will you marry me tonight

We’re in this make believe reality

And baby it’s just you and me


Coz when tonight she holds you tight

You wonder if this fantasy is right

Coz when reality comes to play

You realize you couldn’t make her stay


Hey Daydreamer

You gotta be prepared to leave her in your fantasy

Coz when it’s over, you gotta make sure

That it’s you who’ll be with her


Oh you could be her soldier, her knight in shining armor

I’m sure you wanna make her feel how much you love her

And you wish to God that she can see the world in your eyes

So she can realize that she’s the girl in your mind

And you don’t mind if you don’t make it out alive

Coz you knew right from the start that she’s such a boy killer

(I’m dying, I’m dying~yeah)


Coz when tonight she holds you tight

You wonder if this fantasy is right

Coz when reality comes to play

You realize you couldn’t make her stay


Hey Daydreamer

You gotta be prepared to leave her in your fantasy

Coz when it’s over, you gotta make sure

That it’s you who’ll be with her


And I couldn’t believe we’re dreaming

I couldn’t believe we’re leaving this world

For one with more fantasy, just you and me

So that tonight we both can finally be

(by Someday Dream)

Where is Justice Now?

The whole country commemorates the 2nd anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre and the senseless killing of 58 people, 34 of which were media victims.

As the media condemns the said killing, the Senate declares the day as  the National day to End Impunity and thus show the country’s solidarity.

Moreover, as the country reach this phase of which justice do not reigns, the battle to punish those unscrupulous people should be at hand.

What our country really needs is a strong and independent will to fight and serve justice. Justice will and forever must prevail. End Impunity Now. Journalists do know how to die.